Episode 125: Why Do Smaller Companies Receive Higher Valuations for New Initiatives?

Published on09 MAY 2019
Global Markets Institute

09 MAY 2019 - In this episode, Steve Strongin of Goldman Sachs Research discusses a new report from Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Institute, titled “What the Market Pays For.” One of the main findings is that equity investors tend to pay for persistence or what is sometimes called “visibility.” Strongin also discusses why large corporations often feel that they aren’t rewarded for innovation the way small firms are. The reason for this, Strongin explains, is how the market perceives the “deep pocket risk” involved. Investors worry that large firms may overspend on failing projects because they have the resources to do so. Smaller companies, however, don’t have as much money to be able to do the same. Strongin also discusses how corporate reporting can be managed to improve firms’ valuations.      




This podcast was recorded on May 1, 2019



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