The Battle for Our Screens, Part 4: The Moving Pieces of Tech Policy

Published on22 SEP 2020

As the pandemic has increased our reliance on digital platforms and services, debate around tech regulation has come into the spotlight, from antitrust enforcement to consumer privacy protection to national security concerns. 

In this episode, Faryar Shirzad, global head of Goldman Sachs’ Office of Government Affairs, gives an overview of the moving parts of tech policy today – including the latest analysis of the U.S.’s stance toward TikTok –  and explains why these issues don’t fall clearly down political party lines. 

This is the final episode of a four-part miniseries: Exchanges Deep Dive: The Battle for Our Screens, which brings together experts from across Goldman Sachs to analyze how the pandemic has shifted our lives digitally and forever changed how we rely on technology. The miniseries is co-hosted by Goldman Sachs’ Jake Siewert and Heath Terry.

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This podcast was recorded in August and September 2020.


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