Goldman Sachs professionals across the firm regularly produce content related to markets, securities, structured products, rates, currencies and economies around the world.

These insights originate from individuals in Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, FICC and Equities and Investment Banking.

Given the different areas of focus of each of our businesses, and the varied goals, time horizons, investing styles and risk appetites of our clients, it is not unusual for individuals to have different views on similar topics.

Global Investment Research (GIR). Global Investment Research produces Research, primarily for an institutional investing client base. Analysts cover more than 3,300 credit and equity securities. Economists write on 48 national economies. Our Economic, Commodities and Strategy department also cover markets, credit and equity strategy and commodities worldwide.

Global Markets Institute (GMI). The Global Markets Institute is the research think-tank within Goldman Sachs. It is dedicated to producing thought leadership on issues that affect public policy, corporate strategy and society. Its global client base includes policymakers, regulators, business leaders, investors and the public. 

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). Investment professionals within GSAM create and disseminate commentary on markets, economies and investment products. These materials are intended for institutional clients and high-net-worth individual investors.

Private Wealth Management (PWM). Private Wealth Management produces and disseminates insights about markets as well as portfolio strategies and asset allocation. These materials are intended for clients and are often custom tailored for individuals.

FICC and Equities. Professionals in FICC and Equities produce a variety of trading ideas and strategies for their professional investor clients.

Investment Banking.  Investment Banking produces presentations and insights for corporate clients that address changes in the regulatory environment and capital markets that could affect them by enabling or restricting their ability to engage in certain types of transactions. These reports are usually highly customized for clients and situations. 

Environmental Markets Group (EMG). The Environmental Markets Group, which resides within the Executive Office, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Environmental Policy Framework as well as furthering, coordinating and communicating the firm’s global environmental initiatives. As part of this mandate, EMG provides guidance on environmental issues and works closely with the business areas to further ideas and opportunities related to environmental markets. EMG also manages the Center for Environmental Markets, which partners with corporations, non-government organizations, and academic institutions to examine and promote market-based solutions to environmental challenges.

Goldman Sachs Talks at GS: Goldman Sachs convenes leading thinkers from a broad range of backgrounds to share their views and expertise with our people. This internal program, called “Talks at GS”, offers Goldman Sachs people an opportunity to learn more about some of the major issues that are shaping the world today.

To minimize confusion, the view expressed in materials created and disseminated by Goldman Sachs professionals are marked to make clear their business of origin within Goldman Sachs.