Adam Grant, The Psychology of Resilience

Published on11 MAY 2017

Resilience is critical to overcoming personal challenges, but it’s also key to building strong teams and finding success in the workplace. Organizational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant, who co-authored Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, points out the attributes of resilient leaders and the drivers of a “winning” corporate culture.

On becoming a resilient leader: "Get in the habit of saying, 'You know what? I am struggling every single day and I'm still getting through it and improving.'"

On measuring success: “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed. So often the debate for any company that’s forward thinking is, ‘Do I care more about my clients or my employees?’ And the overwhelming answer is that you have to put your employees first…because the way employees are treated spills over to affect clients anyway, and of course it also determines the quality of talent that you have in your organization.”

Best advice he’s ever received: “Don’t make the right decision, make the decision right.”

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