Afua Hirsch, Author and Journalist

Published on02 NOV 2020
Europe Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, broadcaster and bestselling author Afua Hirsch discusses her exploration of race and identity while writing her novel Brit(ish), and the public dialogue on racial equity in the UK today. 

On racial equity today: “I think this [year] has woken many people up out of their complacency: that this is a time in which you have to fight for our ideals all over again, that you can't take democracy or equality or anti-racism for granted. You have to argue for it, and fight for it and turn up for it. Otherwise you can see it slipping away before your eyes.”

On identity: “I really inhabited that dichotomy where on the one hand, people didn't feel it was polite or acceptable to talk about race, but where at the same time I experienced race as a very salient characteristic of daily life.”


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