Aleksandra Gren, Diversifying Global Tech Talent

Published on24 JAN 2019

Country manager for Fiserv Poland, Aleksandra Gren, discusses her work to democratize the financial system and why diversifying the pipeline for tech talent is a key factor for stimulating economic growth.

On the importance of bringing diversity to tech talent: “We’re looking at a hugely productive talent pool. From a leadership point of view and from the economy’s stand point, not to tap into that talent is just crazy, at the time when the economies need more talent, especially tech-educated talent because the world is changing. You cannot have a sustainable growth projection for any given economy if you don’t have access to tech talent.”

On promoting financial literacy: “The whole aspect of creating more awareness and accessibility for women in the investment area, but also in general in money matters so that the subject is not a taboo anymore -- it is something we invest in a lot, in terms of programs and empowerment.”

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