Amy Chua, Political Tribalism and American Foreign Policy

Published on23 MAR 2018

Yale law professor Amy Chua describes the effect of political tribalism on America’s domestic and foreign policy, along with the strong reaction to her bestselling memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

On how Chua’s background has shaped her work: “I think all my life I've been an outsider. Even now, and I love Yale Law School, where I teach, but I'm still an outsider. When I go to China, I'm an outsider. So I sort of feel like a perpetual outsider and I think it has really shaped every single thing that I've written about.” 

On how to bridge the tribal divide in the United States: “I think people should be allowed to express their views and we should enlighten and debate and try to persuade. So I think we need more talking to each other. I also think we need courageous leaders.”


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