Andre Iguodala, NBA Champion

Published on01 JUL 2019

Three-time NBA champion Andre Iguodala discusses his experiences as the swingman for the Golden State Warriors, his emergence as a prominent Silicon Valley tech investor, and reflections from his new book, The Sixth Man: A Memoir

On building a championship team: “You don’t really understand the relationships that you build in the workplace until you are in those moments where it's, like, we just accomplished something that will be remembered forever. And you really don’t understand those precious moments until it's over and you're, like, we just really accomplished something that was profound.”

On becoming a prominent Silicon Valley tech investor: “I’ve paid attention in a lot of the meetings and all I heard was, ‘Don’t spend your money. Don’t get robbed. Don’t spend your money. Don’t get robbed.’ And that sounds so simple, but it’s so easy for people to take advantage of guys who have no financial education and they have no family history of financial education. So how do we learn something that we’ve never known?”


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