Andy Jassy, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services

Published on12 FEB 2020

Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy discusses what drives innovation at large organizations, how artificial intelligence and the cloud are both shaping the future and his perspective on the keys to managing information security.

On building a culture of innovation: “We want builders in everything that we do, and so what we try to do in our culture and everything we talk about as a senior leadership team is ask how do we build the type of company and the type of culture that allows builders to build? When we talk about processes that we don't like or bureaucracy that we might see creeping in, a lot of it we want to knock out because we want to make it the world's best place for builders to build. And I think that there really are few places like Amazon if you're a builder and that's what we spend most of our time trying to figure out.” 

On how the cloud is shaping the future: “So cost is very different in the cloud than what's existed before and that's compelling to virtually every company. But the number one reason that enterprises and public sector organizations are moving to the cloud is agility and speed and the ability to innovate at a much more rapid clip.” 

This session was filmed at the 2020 Goldman Sachs Tech and Internet Conference.

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