Arianna Huffington, Thriving in the “Attention Economy”

Published on12 JUL 2017

Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, founder of wellness venture Thrive Global and board member of Uber, Inc., discusses ways to curb the “always on” mentality of today’s “attention economy” and addresses problems in the culture of Silicon Valley.

On generating more awareness around the relationship between wellness and productivity: “We’re at a real moment of transition. You have people beginning to realize that they have not been doing things the way they can be doing them, which would make them more effective, healthier and happier. And there are people who are still resisting, and who still [adhere to] the old way of congratulating people for working 24/7 or being “always on”…You have the whole spectrum, which is really what is so exciting.”

On creating accountability in Silicon Valley: “There is an assumption that if you are a top performer, anything is forgiven. The fact that you are brilliant and a top performer does not forgive unprofessional behavior…Once a few top performers have been fired, the message is getting out there that that’s not going to protect you.”

On her social media guilty pleasure: “My guilty pleasure among all of them is Instagram. I kind of love it.”

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