Astro Teller, Captain of X, The Moonshot Factory

Published on16 FEB 2023
Technology Driving Innovation

Astro Teller, Captain of X, The Moonshot Factory, discusses the mission of X, what it means to be a cultural entrepreneur and how innovation can drive business.

On building a culture that encourages radical innovation: Starting with a commitment to radical innovation and very slowly trying to turn up the rigger knobs in ways that don’t kill off the radical innovation so that we can become more and more efficient over time… It’s creating the cultural infrastructure, the social norms, the incentives, the traditions, all these hundreds of different things that actually make the path of least resistance within the organization."

On being a cultural entrepreneur: "I think I can help the world faster by helping others, by creating an environment like the one that I'm describing, that creates a flywheel of efficient positivity, seeking out over the horizon opportunities to make the world radically better."


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This episode was recorded on October 13, 2022

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