Barbara Bush, Promoting Global Health Equity

Published onNovember 21,2016

Advancements in science and medical technology continue to improve global healthcare, but weak infrastructure in many parts of the world has created a systems gap. Barbara Bush co-founded Global Health Corps in 2009 to create a community of leaders committed to promoting health equity. Here she describes her efforts to generate innovative solutions for global health challenges.

On the importance of leveraging human capital: “When [GHC] started, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel in global health. There are a number of organizations working in the space of global healthcare, and there are ministries of health completely focused on this. Where we saw the biggest leverage was in bringing in great people.” 

On scaling global healthcare solutions: “The issues that are most pressing in other countries are extremely pressing here, but they just manifest differently…we can learn from what works in other places and apply those similar concepts to our own healthcare system in the United States.”

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