Bernard Looney, Chief Executive Officer of BP

Published on11 MAY 2020

In this episode of Talks at GS, BP CEO Bernard Looney discusses leading the global energy company through COVID-19, the company’s continued commitment to its sustainability goals, and his insights on the state of the global energy market.

On rebuilding for the future: “The world will recover. It will take time. The question is: can we do it in a way which helps the world build a better world, so to speak? And, in our world, do we spend money building more roads or do we spend money maybe investing in more broadband or maybe investing in the plumbing and the wiring system that the world will need? … So, I think there is a real choice about where the money gets spent and I hope that the money will get spent in a way that we can reflect back on and say that actually made the world better on the way back.”

On BP’s commitment to sustainability: “I think people are beginning to realize the fragility of the ecosystem and the world in which we live and that things can really change overnight. They’re looking up at clean skies, the roads are quieter… I’m not convinced, but I believe that some of this will stick around as a reflection and impact the climate debate in a positive way.”

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