Bob Colacello, The Intersection of Culture, Politics and Media

Published on11 JUN 2015

During his more than 40-year career, journalist and Vanity Fair special correspondent Bob Colacello has profiled more than 100 iconic figures. The former editor of Andy Warhol-founded Interview magazine discusses the intersection of culture, politics and media.

On fame: “[Andy Warhol] understood that part of becoming famous was creating an image and letting things be mysterious, and that made journalists more curious. He also knew that bad press would make you notorious, which was, in a way, a shortcut to fame. We see that more and more today – there’s no boundary anymore between fame and infamy.”

On maintaining cultural influence: “You have to keep in touch with young people if you want to stay relevant. My motto, and I stole it from Andy Warhol and Fred Hughes, is ‘19 to 91’ – that combination makes for the best parties. It’s really important to mix generations together.”



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