Brian Roberts, Comcast Chairman and CEO

Published on18 SEP 2019

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts discusses the cable company’s strategy in the evolving direct-to-consumer space in an era of increased cord-cutting and competition among streaming platforms.   

On building an audience for its streaming platform: “We think we can use the relationships that we have with… 75-80 million customers just in the US, and some cases, more that buy our cable channels and see them. We have relationships with consumers. Can we extend with distributors? Can you find a way to have ‘Peacock’ available to those customers? If you do, then there's no cost to the customer.”

On the future of Comcast: “If I look at the change in video, NBC’s got a rich history, we needed to find a way that works for us, not just follow the pack. I think we're doing that and I'm excited and we'll make changes as we go. That's just how we operate.”

This episode was filmed at the 2019 Goldman Sachs Research Communacopia Conference.


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