Amb. Bruce Heyman and Vicki Heyman, Co-Authors of The Art of Diplomacy

Published on13 MAY 2019

Former US Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman, and former American cultural envoy to Canada, Vicki Heyman, discuss diplomacy as an essential tool for maintaining world order, why the relationship between Canada and the US remains one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world, and how the two countries can work together to drive the global agenda.

Amb. Bruce Heyman on lessons from his time as US Ambassador to Canada: “One should never underestimate something that you may think is small, that may be really important to someone else…. That's true in business, in life and partnerships, but it's particularly true that I found them diplomatically…. Another important lesson for everybody that when you think it's really bad and tough and difficult, pivoting might take you to a place that you never would have gone and that was the beauty for us.”  

Vicki Heyman on the US-Canada relationship: “We live close to this behemoth country with extraordinary people, but we in America get caught up in being Americans and we oftentimes don't really know our neighbors the way that we should. And we think we are so much better together.” 


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