Kenneth Langone and Neal Goldman, The Science of Relationships

Published on28 APR 2015

Today’s technology is impacting the way in which we develop personal relationships. The Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone discusses the art of building successful relationships, and Neal Goldman, founder of networking platform Relationship Science, explains how to maximize them through technology.

Langone, on relationships as an art and science: “With relationships, you can marry the science and the art. The art form clenches the deal, but getting to the client [in the first place] is where the science is.”

Langone, on advice for building good business relationships: “All relationship principles are an outgrowth of the word ‘truth’ plus a little humility.”

Goldman, on the value of technology in business networking: “In today’s service economy, everyone is optimized, everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket, but how do you get more efficiency out of individuals? Relationships are a very important part of every company – technology can take every element of those relationships and optimize them.”

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