Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Finding Faith in a Modern World

Published on17 NOV 2014

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, discussed leadership and the evolution of the Catholic Church.

On the Catholic Church communicating in new ways on world issues: “We can try to adapt our content in a fresher way. We can try to present it in a more compelling and cogent way, but we never feel free to tamper with the essentials we feel God has revealed.”

On diversity in the Church: “On any given Sunday morning, Mass is offered in 31 languages in the parishes of the archdioceses in New York. New York is diverse and the Catholic Church is diverse, but Catholicism has always flourished in its diversity. We thrive on that.”

On maintaining the focus of the Church: “It’s the greatest pastoral challenge: how to speak to the soul; how to talk to the heart. We’re not just about brick and mortar. We’re about the soul, eternal life and salvation.”

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