Carlos Acosta, Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet

Published on19 JAN 2022

Carlos Acosta, director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, discusses his illustrious dance career and how he’s using his experience to shape the future of ballet. 

On racial diversity in the world of dance: “I think the most important thing is how diversity now is on the top of everything that everybody is doing. And that's great … to have that kind of sensitivity and concern for others and where they come from, how they think, is this harmful to them.  That consideration … and that respect, I think it's a wonderful thing to behold.”

On his vision for the Birmingham Royal Ballet: “I want the company to be recognized more internationally. I want the best company I can possibly have. I want BRB to be the best company in the world. I might not - we might not - get it, but this is the way that we need to think.”

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This episode was recorded on September 13, 2021

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