Caryn Seidman Becker, Biometrics and the Future of Identification Technology

Published on24 JAN 2019

Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker discusses how biometrics are revolutionizing security in airports, stadiums and beyond, and how privacy and regulation will shape the future of identification technology.

On the future of biometrics: “Security is a global secular challenge as [are] customer expectations and experiences. In a just-in-time world where you can point and click and every day you can point and click more than you could two years before. This is the new customer expectation. And standing in long lines – any kind of line – or all these bottlenecks to prove that you are you, or you have access to something, makes no sense, doesn't scale and isn't where the world is going."

On regulation keeping pace with evolving technology: “I think that there’s a recognition that the education and the conversations need to be happening more regularly between Washington and industries. I think that you’ll see a lot more collaboration and a lot more curiosity and questions, which are forcing that collaboration. The proactive nature I think of technology companies has grown over the past few years to educate, to share. And I can only speak for Clear to say that has been part of our DNA from day one because we had to…. But I think that again you look at all the things coming down the pike and the upending of industries. What does autonomous vehicles mean for the insurance industry and the highways, and - it’s everywhere? And so there is a need for that collaboration. Again, I use the word public-private partnership because we have a formal one with TSA, but I think every industry and company formal or informal is going to have to have it.”

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