Cecile Richards, Co-Founder of Supermajority

Published on18 JUL 2019

Cecile Richards discusses her decades-long work as an organizer and activist for women’s rights and social justice, and her current efforts to get more women involved in politics through a nonpartisan organization, Supermajority. 

On her mother, the late Texas Governor Ann Richards’s advice to young women: “Women would always come to her and say, ‘Well, I’d really like to try for that job,’ or say, ‘Well, I’d really like to try to run for office, but I don't have my PhD yet,” or, ‘My kids are this age or they’re not that age,” – all the reasons that women held back and she would just say, ‘You know, do it now. And never turn down a new opportunity.’… I wish mom was still alive…. I think she would just be so thrilled to see so many women now starting before they were ready, not waiting for permission.” 

On uniting the political divide: “I do think we have to get back to having conversations. Not that we’re going to agree about everything, but if we can actually get back to the conversations about what we as people, what is our shared humanity and what is the kind of country we want to live in? And then be committed to building that instead of simply trying to resist…. We’ve just got to have to do that work now and I think we can.” 


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