The Changing Media Landscape

Published on24 NOV 2015

The evolution of media from traditional to digital has necessitated innovative communication strategies across new platforms. Jacki Kelley, chief operating officer of Bloomberg Media, and Meredith Kopit Levien, chief revenue officer at The New York Times Company, discuss developing quality content in a saturated media landscape.

Levien, on the evolution of content consumption: "Everything about how content is expressed and collected and distributed and engaged with has changed, but the basic need on Sunday morning for a trusted voice to curate the world…hasn’t gone away."

Kelly, on technology bringing opportunity to print media: "People are paying a lot more money to get [news] digitally because you can now get that immediacy. And you’re willing to pay the premium for it. So I actually think technology created an opportunity for newspaper brands. They just no longer have to be newspapers."

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