Christian Yelich, The Making of an All-Star

Published on25 JAN 2019

Professional baseball player Christian Yelich discusses his evolution as a player from being drafted in 2010 to his 2018 MVP season, how he shapes his brand off the field and the future of Major League Baseball.

On his evolution as a player and teammate: “You take all the things you learned throughout the course of your career as far as what you do well when you’re hitting well or what you do when you’re struggling. I was able to really lock in on that and then just have this level of focus down the stretch to where you were determined to get the job done. It ended up being a magical run for us.”   

On building his professional brand: “I think it went from establishing a career first and then you kind of worry about your brand secondly. But that time has arrived and I think when you partner with people it’s not really about a money partnership. It’s more of your ideals [aligning]. And you want to be in business with people who have the same goals and the same morals as yourself and see similar visions.”

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