Christine Loh, Environmental Sustainability in Asia

Published on29 APR 2015

An increased focus on environmental sustainability has recently positioned Hong Kong to become a national influencer of change in China. Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment in Hong Kong, discusses how public and private sectors can partner together to effect change.

On working with China to find environmental solutions: “Because we are part of China, and because air pollution is a major priority for the Chinese government, we have the unique opportunity to work regionally and nationally with the relevant mainland agencies to make an impact.” 

On Hong Kong’s potential to be a center for sustainability: “China is spearheading the establishment of a green financial system, which includes developing green bonds, green IPOs and green banks. Hong Kong has a real chance to enter this space. To succeed, we need to examine how we can assist in that process and engage the financial services sector in Hong Kong.” 

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