Ambassador Christopher Hill, Then & Now – The North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Published on29 SEP 2017

Engaging the global community in opposition to North Korea’s nuclear threats is essential to addressing the “narrowing space between peace and war” that has emerged between the United States and North Korea, according to Christopher Hill, former Ambassador to South Korea. Hill, who also served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and led the US delegation to the Six Party Talks in the mid-2000s, says that US strategy should focus on pursuing options to “slow down” North Korea’s nuclear program while working constructively with US allies like South Korea and Japan, and engaging more meaningfully with North Korea’s biggest trade partner – China. 

On executing a comprehensive strategy: “There's no silver bullet to dealing with this…Any good strategy can't just be one element. The elements of a successful strategy need to be well picked and need to reinforce one another.”

On engaging the global community: “All the elements are there. We are making it a global issue. We are getting China involved. We're reassuring those allies…But just identifying elements is not a strategy in and of itself. You have to execute them well and have them relate to one another well.”


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