Dale Earnhardt Jr., Racing to the Finish

Published on16 OCT 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses his NASCAR racing career, lessons learned from his legendary father and his work creating awareness around concussions in sports.

On winning the Daytona 500: “When you cross the finish line, the biggest feeling you have is relief. Elation, and celebration, and excitement, and all that comes moments later. But that first feeling is relief. [It’s the] same kind of relief maybe when you get that big break in your profession. You celebrate later, but that moment, the initial moment is like, I don’t have to chase this anymore. I have it and then you go crazy. So in NASCAR - that one day of winning the Daytona 500, that's as good as it gets. And there will never be [anything] you do in the sport that gives you that elation, that real pure joy.”

On creating awareness around concussions: “The reason for this book is all along the way since 2012, all the way up through this process or to this day, even today, I talk to [my doctor] Mickey [Collins] and he’ll tell me, ‘I saw two people last week that told me they read an article that you spoke about your issues and that’s why they’re here.’ Just like me they didn’t know where to go, [didn’t] know that this treatment’s available.”

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