Dan Huttenlocher, Founding Dean and Provost of Cornell Tech

Published on03 NOV 2017
Science Technology Driving Innovation

Cornell Tech, an innovative graduate school built on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, is creating an East Coast technology hub at the intersection of academia, industry and government. Founding dean and vice provost Dan Huttenlocher, who also sits on the Amazon board of directors, discusses how the school is creating a new model for higher education and gives his perspectives on the most important technology trends on the horizon, from automation to artificial intelligence, and the impact they will have across industries.

On surviving an automated world: “We all probably have our own views of what it is that makes people human, as opposed to making us automatons, but I think people need to be studying and working on the things that make people human.”

On focusing on diversity in the tech industry: “There are such good careers in the tech industry that I think it’s very important in terms of any sense of fairness that we figure out how we’re attracting a broader range of people to that part of the world.”


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