Darren Star, From Sex and the City to Younger- Coming of Age on Television

Published on07 JUN 2018

In this episode, legendary television producer, writer, and director Darren Star talks about creating iconic shows from – Sex and the City to Younger – and how he has used narratives to tackle important societal issues of the times.  

On the legacy of Sex and the City 20 years later: “It was meant to be empowering and I feel like it was... From the beginning, I always thought of it as giving women a voice... I think it was just the first show that you got to really hear women speak that way... That’s why I love writing female characters because I feel like they just say whatever is on their minds.”  

On the changes in the television industry: “I do think that binge watching has changed the way I think about writing. Certainly Younger is written as a ‘bingeable’ show... Every episode ends with a tiny bit of a cliff-hanger... It’s got hopefully an addictive quality to the storytelling. And, I did think going in and writing the show and conceiving the show that it would be streamed and it would have a life on [a] streaming service.”


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