David Harding, The Future of Quantitative Investing

Published on18 SEP 2018

During the Goldman Sachs European Systematic Investing Conference in London, Winton Group Founder and CEO David Harding discussed how data and AI have changed the landscape for investors.

On the future of trend following: “You are driven to look back further and further into history. Essentially, it’s written in mathematical language to better estimate the strategical properties of the strategy that you are trading. I remember when I started, I thought [about] looking back three, five years and in the early 80s, we did 10 years of simulations back to the early 70s….Now, I see other firms take up the challenge coming up with 50 years of simulations, 100 years simulations.” 

On artificial intelligence: “There is some new ground being broken, but I think the public debate about AI and machine learning is nine parts hype to one part substance.”  

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