David Zaslav, Discovery President and CEO

Published on17 SEP 2019

Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav discusses his company’s targeted approach to programming in the ever-expanding content ecosystem and how the company has integrated technology and commerce as a part of the viewer experience. 

On Discovery’s approach to programming: “The holy grail for us is we're in these niches where not only the people view, but they transact. So when I say "view and do," the rest of the industry is spending enormously to aggregate audiences to pay $5 to $15 to watch a great series or to watch a bunch of movies and try and hold them by getting enough series that they don't churn out. But that's all they do is they just view it. And that's the only way that you can monetize it…. In our baskets, we think we have this unique opportunity to kind of put it together.”

On integrating technology with content: “When I look at us versus the rest of the industry, I see this opportunity for us to continue to scale because we have brands that people love that they spend time with…. And that unlike any other media company, we've aggregated these Go apps. And we think in the next two to three years our biggest cable network in America is going to be this Go platform.”


This episode was filmed at the 2019 Goldman Sachs Research Communacopia Conference.

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