Deborah Jackson and Davida Herzl, Advancing the Future of Women Entrepreneurs

Published on09 MAY 2018

Deborah Jackson founded Plum Alley Investments to direct capital to women-led businesses that are at the forefront of medical and technological advances. Along with Davida Herzl, co-founder and chief executive officer of Silicon Valley-based Aclima, which uses data-driven solutions to combat climate change, Jackson discusses the rise of women-owned businesses across the U.S. and efforts to expand opportunity and access to capital for female entrepreneurs.

Jackson, on investing in women leaders: “We just know it makes better business sense and you will get better returns if you have diversity. If you have different perspectives at the table and especially, by the way, if your customers are women, you should have some women in the senior executive suite helping make the decisions about the products. We just understand that.”  

Herzl, on being a leader in Silicon Valley: “I think what we can do is really provide a template and show that this is possible, show what women investors and women-founded companies can do to change the game and to prove that we can build and show through our success that companies that can be globally impactful... [can be] massive financial successes as well.”  

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