Ella and Matthew Mills, Deliciously Ella’s Recipe for Success

Published on07 SEP 2017

Ella and Matthew Mills, founders and co-chief executive officers of natural food and lifestyle brand Deliciously Ella – which initially launched as a personal Instagram feed and has grown to include products in retail outlets from Starbucks to Sainsbury’s in the UK – discuss growth of the global natural food trend, the business of healthy living and the power of building a brand through social media.

On the power of social media: “Our app went to number one in the UK and the US and we are now in 5,500 stores, all done with no marketing team, no internal creative team, no advertising, and yet we are continuously outselling our competitors in almost every single store we sell in and that is all through the power of social media.” 

On building a loyal community: “That personal edge has given us this unbelievable advantage. I still spend about four hours a day replying to absolutely every message. It has created this one-on-one relationship with people that creates a feeling of trust and authenticity.” 


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