Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, OBE

Published on21 JUL 2020
COVID-19 Europe Making Progress Towards Racial Equity

In this episode of Talks at GS, Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, discusses her work campaigning for justice following her son Stephen’s 1993 murder and her views on race relations today. 

On using education to confront systemic racism: “Colonialism [is] not being taught in school. Black history is not being taught. Unless you have that level of education where people seem to understand where we all were at one time, where we are now, and they [see] the black communities have contributed to this country during the first and second world war – all the things that everyone needs to learn. And unless less police officers and, in fact, the whole of the country begin to have those types of education, we will continue to have the discrimination that we're having today.”

On the way forward: “Now is the time for change. And I think what we've seen across the world at the moment with Black Lives Matter, what happened to George Floyd – as we move on, now is the time for the government to say, ‘Yes, we need to change how it is we educate people, educate our young children if we want a better future.’”

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