Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Laureate and Founder of Panzi Hospital

Published on20 SEPT 2019

Nobel Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege discusses his pioneering approach to treating victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and his work to end the scourge of gender-based violence around the world.

On bringing justice to victims of sexual violence: “I think for many women, justice is to prevent repetition. Justice for women is to bring the community to just agree that it was not their fault. And this is very important: It's really a process of feeling for women to just feel that it happened to me. Even if people reject me, but the justice says that it was not my fault… And I think that it's very important to help them to go to justice to…. complete the process of healing.”

On the power of women speaking out against sexual violence: “Just because women are able to say, ‘See what happened to me.’ I think that it's really a movement. I'm supporting it because I think that to fight against silence is really the way to succeed to fight against sexual violence in our society, in peace or in war.”

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