Dr. Paula Johnson, Transforming the Public Dialogue on Campuses

Published on25 SEP 2017

Wellesley College President Dr. Paula Johnson, a former cardiologist and women’s health expert, discusses her pioneering career in medicine and why learning to listen is critical to healthy public debate.  

On creating gender equality on college campuses: “We've got to set priorities and goals. Those priorities and goals have got to be really embraced by leadership, and I mean leadership across the board. It cannot be siloed in any one department that is in charge of diversity issues…. I think goals…come out of data with data-driven people.” 

On free speech as a tenant of American democracy: “I think it pops up as hot button in certain eras, and we're living that era right now. But I'm just going to begin by saying that freedom of speech is absolutely critical to our democracy, because once you begin restricting speech in one area, you risk it in another.”  



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