Emma Grede, CEO and
Co-founder of Good American

Published on09 FEB 2023

Emma Grede, CEO and Co-founder of Good American, discusses being a serial entrepreneur, and how to navigate the ups and downs of business to drive growth and scale.

On working with the Kardashians and other powerful female influencers: "We all know that the best endorsement doesn't come from somebody with the biggest following, necessarily. It comes from somebody that you trust and where that kind of engagement is there. When they hold a community and that community trusts in what they're saying… I've taken, the biggest of the influencers for the last 16 years, and created businesses that are incredibly authentic to them and what they stand for."

On the importance of diversity in a brand: "The plus size community is grossly underserved in fashion. Plus size women make up 67% of this country…. I just thought, as a Black female founder, I would have a different point of view. I would create a company where diversity wasn't something we were talking about, it's just something that we did. And I would create a product that actually worked for all women's bodies…. The people that are the consumers are not necessarily always the decision makers."


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This episode was recorded at Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses Summit in July 2022.

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