Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City

Published on21 MAR 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams discusses his plans to reopen the city, the role that public-private partnerships play in accelerating New York’s economic recovery, and his vision to attract new and emerging industries to the city. 

On partnering with business executives to revitalize New York City: “What I’m saying to my business leaders, number one, we are going to become the most business friendly city on the globe. We have to stop being anti-business. And number two, I'm asking them for a covenant, I need their help to really bridge the gap.”

On what he’ll achieve in his first 100 days in office: “We're going to have some successes. We're going to create a more business friendly environment. We're going to do some great things around the foundation of education. We need mayoral accountability. We're going to zero in on crime. You're going to see a visual change in the unsafety feeling.”

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This episode was recorded on March 7, 2022

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