From Poaching to Protecting Africa’s Wildlife

Published on06 OCT 2017

Jeneria Lekilelei, Dr. Shivani Bhalla and Frank Pope are on a mission to save Africa’s wildlife population. Lekilelei and Bhalla from Ewaso Lions want lions to co-exist peacefully with the people of Africa. Meanwhile, Pope, the CEO of Save the Elephants, has worked to slow Africa’s elephant poaching crisis. 

In this discussion, they describe those efforts and the progress that they have made on both fronts. They indicate that the key to that progress is closely working with local communities. As Pope explains, “I think the really critical element to solving the crisis is collaboration.” Bhalla adds, “There were warriors who absolutely hated lions, but who now have been transformed to go out there and really protect lions, and I believe that's one of the biggest successes.”




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