George Roberts, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of KKR

Published on06 AUG 2020

In this episode, KKR co-founder George Roberts shares the keys to his success as an investor, what he learned from one of KKR’s most legendary deals, and the investment opportunities that he is focused on now.

On what makes a successful investor: “Do they speak up? A lot of people are always afraid to be wrong and I'm wrong more times during the day than I'm right. But I at least express the views that I [do]… So making sure that you show up at every meeting, you come with an idea – and don't be afraid to be wrong.”

On his investing focus: “I think that we've had a theme of where all this fits when we come out of it. Obviously healthcare, tech is going to be a part of it. Telecom is going to be huge when we get through this. Also the industrial sector... And again, taking the view that you cannot analyze what's going to take place in 2020 or 2021. But beyond that, it's going to look good.”

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