George F. Will, Author of The Conservative Sensibility

Published on06 JUN 2019

Washington Post conservative columnist George F. Will discusses the history and future of modern American conservatism and his views on the forces shaping the current political landscape. 

On defining conservatism in America: “The most important word, in a way, in the Declaration of Independence is ‘secure.’ All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights and governments are instituted to secure those rights. That’s the purpose of government. It has other things to do, but that’s an inherently limiting definition of government. It is to facilitate people thriving by exercising rights that do not derive from government.”

On his belief in capitalism: “I do believe that capitalism makes us better off. The great enrichment since the late eighteenth century is evidence of this. I also believe, however, that it makes us better by enforcing certain virtues – thrift, industriousness, deferral of gratification, individualism – a whole tenor of society is developed.”

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