The Growth of Technology in New York City

Published on17 DEC 2013

The leaders behind Cornell University's future technology campus on Roosevelt Island - Bob Harrison, chairman of Cornell University's Board of Trustees; Dan Huttenlocher, founding dean and vice provost of Cornell NYC Tech; and Bob Steel, former deputy mayor of Economic Development for New York City - spoke about their efforts to fuel a tech boom in New York.

Dan Huttenlocher, on Cornell NYC Tech: "We believe that this investment is one that will bring New York up to the level of other major metropolitan areas in the United States in terms of technology talent that's here."

Bob Steel, on the NYC economy: "What's happening in the New York City economy is that old industries that have historically been strong pistons for the economy are being disrupted by technology too. If you're in publishing, if you're in communications, if you're in law, if you're in advertising, if you're in retail, these industries need these same [technology] skills."

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