Hamdi Ulukaya, Creating the Culture of Chobani

Published on17 OCT 2018
Builders & Innovators 2018

In this episode, filmed at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya discusses how his own immigrant story has helped build the culture of the yogurt company from the products to the people.

On how he thinks about his products: “I didn't understand the concept that if you lived in New York or if you make more money you would get access to a better yogurt. I just didn't understand that, because for [a] tomato or yogurt or a loaf of bread or anything in that simplicity, [it] doesn't matter what your income is. [It] doesn't matter where you live. You should be able to access that taste. So all I was trying to do is make the yogurt that my mother made and I loved and offer [it] to the world.”

On why he is supportive of refugees in the workforce: “It's our responsibility… to be able to respond to that calling of millions of people who are suffering today. And not to name them differently, not to call them terrorists, not to call them this and that, but just give our hands and understand who they are. They are just ordinary people. They did not want to leave. They did not want to come to the doors of anyone…. We have resources. We have money. We have knowledge. We have technology to be able to help them where they are.”   

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