Jamie Redford, Social Change Through Film

Published on28 JAN 2016

Jamie Redford co-founded The Redford Center in 2005 with his father, actor and filmmaker Robert Redford, to create films that inspire social action. During the Sundance Film Festival, Redford visited the Goldman Sachs Salt Lake City office to discuss his new film Resilience and his passion for filmmaking with purpose.

On catalyzing social change through film: "I like film, and I like storytelling, but I like serving something more than entertainment. We’re becoming an increasingly visual [society] in everything we do, including learning – learning has a chance to exponentially grow into action with audio visual and film."

On toxic stress, the childhood biological syndrome that became the subject of Resilience: "There are barriers of dialogue on issues like depression and abuse, and for good reason – it’s difficult stuff…but there is clear-cut science showing that the way in which developing brains process [stressors] is particularly [dangerous]. How do we create an environment where kids can develop resilience?"

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