Jean Hynes, Managing Partner of Wellington Management

Published on02 OCT 2020

In this episode, Wellington Management Managing Partner Jean Hynes discusses her focus on investing in the healthcare sector, advances that are reshaping the medical field, and the importance of a collaborative investing culture. 

On the evolution of the healthcare sector: “I think the rate of change is higher than it's ever been and particularly in the biopharmaceuticals sector. So that when I think about how I've been successful over [my] long career, you need to identify where medicine is changing… And to be successful over the last 25 years you needed to focus on 15 areas of medicine that were changing. And now the areas of medicine that are changing are 30 to 50. So, a significant amount of change is happening. That's really exciting.”

On Wellington’s collaborative investing culture: “I think that's the secret to us, is we have an open, collaborative platform. And that allows a portfolio manager to practice their own philosophy and process, benefit from that open, collaborative platform. But then go back and practice their own way of investing. And that's one of the secrets to how Wellington's been successful over time.”


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