Jim Coulter, Co-CEO and Founding Partner of TPG

Published on05 AUG 2020

In this episode, TPG co-CEO Jim Coulter talks about investment trends accelerated by the pandemic and why he thinks a good investment strategy is “not consensus.” 

On what makes a successful investor: “A good investor is not consensus. You make your money being different than consensus. So a good investor is someone who can look at a situation and see a piece of wisdom that the rest of the world doesn't see… There are people who can walk into a room and help that room move in a positive direction… And I think people who are able to do that tend to do well in private equity.”

On his investing focus: “This crisis is essentially accelerating a bunch of things that were going to happen anyhow. So think about movie theaters. Think about the onset of technology and education. And so we're going to look for things that, at the end of this massive test that we're running, are going to become an ever-greater part of our life.”  

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