Jimmy Chin, Mountain Athlete, Photographer, Filmmaker

Published on02 MAR 2023

Jimmy Chin, Mountain Athlete, Photographer and Filmmaker, discusses what drives his passions and the parallels between being an extreme athlete and an entrepreneur.

On living a life with deep intention: When you know that the potential outcome could be fatal and you still choose to do something, you know, you’re living a life with like deep, deep intention.

On shooting the documentary “Free Solo”:  I had to give myself guiding principles in difficult decision-making scenarios like, how would I make decisions. It was really about the fact that I said, “You know what? I’m going to be his friend first.” I know what it feels like to be filmed because I’ve lived on both sides of the camera, like I’m really going to be focused on preserving his experience. Because in the end, as a friend, I’m just here to really support him achieving his goal… And in the end, the production actually really helped him achieve his goal because we were fixing all the lines and we were supporting him in all these ways.


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This episode was recorded on October 13, 2022

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