J.J. Redick, NBA Player and Podcast Host

Published on08 AUG 2019

J.J. Redick discusses the approach to basketball that has defined his career from the Duke Blue Devils to the NBA, why he prioritizes mentoring younger players, and his success off-court as the host of his own podcast.

On what he learned about leadership from Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski: “I think whether you’re in sports, whether you’re running a business, whether you’re in a relationship, a marriage – adaptability is good. I think being rigid versus…open-mindedness, that’s a real struggle for a lot of people. What Coach I think does really well is he looks at who is on his team that year and he figures out ‘How do I maximize the talent on this team?’ It’s not a system at Duke. It’s a system of people.”

On his podcast: “The driving force behind doing the podcast… is intellectual curiosity. I am fascinated by people and what drives them and what makes them tick, and that essentially drives who I want to have on my podcast. It's people that I really admire in all fields.”

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