John Fallon, Chief Executive of Pearson

Published on09 JUL 2019

Pearson chief executive John Fallon discusses the digitalization of learning, how the company has embraced AI and why the future of education is linked to the future of work. 

On the mission of Pearson: “We describe ourselves as a learning company. So I think we think of ourselves as being here to empower people to progress in their lives through learning. We see a world of talent and our job is to help everybody to make the most of that talent. So we define ourselves by the outcome.”

On the link between education and employability: “What are the skills that are going to be most in demand in 2030? Actually, the ability to learn, because you’re going to have to learn new skills. The ability to adapt to change, to understand how individuals and organizations respond to change and fluidity of ideas. So just the idea to come up with creative problem solving, persuading others of a point of view…. What’s the one institution in the world that's really good at teaching these at scale? Actually, universities are. And so I think there’s a much greater link between education and employability.”



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