John Kufour, Ghana's Role on the Global Stage

Published on17 JUL 2015

John Kufuor, president of the Republic of Ghana from 2001 to 2009, discusses his presidential legacy, good governance and Africa’s position in the global landscape.

On Africa’s path to globalization: “Africa needs to partner with the developed world so that Africa can leapfrog into the mainstream of globalization. Since the beginning of the century, more and more governments are coming into office through the ballot box, so it gives me great hope that Africa is headed in the right direction.”

On the legacy of his presidency: “We believed in the market: we cut back on government borrowing to create space for the private sector. We didn’t have to use any high-handed measures against the people. We respected the constitutional, democratic rights of the people and created the atmosphere for the investors and market to operate.”

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