Kaspar Basse, Founder and Chairman of Joe & The Juice

Published on4 OCT 2019

Kaspar Basse discusses his experience launching and running Joe & The Juice over the last 17 years, his efforts to bring continuous innovation to the industry and why he says people are the secret to his success. 

On growing Joe & The Juice: “We keep reaching certain achievements or next steps in terms of attitude or growth, but at the same time, there's a new world opening up with opportunities, and we operate just above 300 stores… So, it's important to try and define all the variables for success. The second you start doing that with culture and attitude, it becomes softer and more fluid, so there's not that one point where I patted myself on the back and said, ‘Well done. This is it.’ There keep being new inspirations and new challenges.”

On how people are the key to the company’s success: “The fundamental structure is to try and develop a certain way of tracking what we call ‘the meaningfulness in your people’ as a measure for how well they perform… and that becomes what we call the leading indicator for whatever KPI result you'll end up with.”

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